Empowerment. Connection. Support. Welcome to a balanced life.

About Us:

“Balanced Life Wellness Centre is a supportive environment in which health and wellness practitioners offer friendly and professional services to promote connections with each other and in the community.”

Michelle Weglarz, Founder

Balanced Life Wellness Centre was a dream of mine for many years.

It started when I was 18 and volunteered to co-facilitate a girl’s self-esteem group. We empowered young women with activities that boosted their confidence and body image. Each week, I looked forward to seeing huge smiles on their faces. 

As I grew older and had children, I felt so much relief and validation when I connected with groups of authentic people doing yoga, mindfulness, and sharing space together at early years programs, restaurants, and at the homes of many family and friends.

Balanced Life Wellness Centre was created to give others the supportive environment that I discovered was so healing when I was an adult, and that I wish I had when I was younger. My goal is to help all of us to work on our health and happiness in a relaxed space.

We have professional practitioners, workshops, retreats, mentorship programs, guest speakers, and so much more to help you to find peace and connection.

And this is just the beginning.

Michelle Weglarz, MSW, RSW
Founder, Balanced Life Wellness Centre