About Us

At Balanced Life Wellness Centre, we offer empowerment, connections, and support to live a happier and healthier life.


“Balanced Life Wellness Centre is a supportive environment in which health and wellness practitioners offer friendly and professional services to promote connections with each other and in the community.”

Our Services:

Professional and paraprofessional services including chiropractic, reiki, yoga, and more

Registered social workers who can help people of all ages with various issues, including but not limited to:

– Grief and Bereavement support

– Anxiety

– Depression

– ADD & ADHD strategies

– Perfectionism

– Disordered Eating

– Family Relationships & Life Transitions

– Abuse, Trauma & Loss

– Motor Vehicle Accidents

– Maternal Mental Health

– Self-Esteem, Body Image

Corporate & Professional Presentations, Workshops, and Retreats on various topics, including:

Reducing Stress & Anxiety: Practical Coping Strategies

Balancing My Life

Restoring Hope: How to Cope When You Fall Down the Black Hole of Depression

Holding on to Happiness & Relaxation

Loving Yourself

Learning How to Trust

Letting Go of Perfect

Mindfulness: Being Present in a Busy World

How to Raise Strong Girls: A Presentation for Parents of Teens

Be Strong Women’s Assertiveness

There’s Always a Narcissist: How to Communicate with Difficult People

Other topics upon request

Our goal is to help you to live a balanced life. We hope to see you soon.