About Us

At Balanced Life Wellness Centre, we offer empowerment, connections, and support to live a happier and healthier life.


“Balanced Life Wellness Centre is a supportive environment in which health and wellness practitioners offer friendly and professional services to promote connections with each other and in the community.”

We offer:

  • Registered counsellors for people of all ages
  • Professional services related to mental health and physical health
  • Workshops, education, and retreats related to healthy eating, mindfulness, meditation, and much more.
  • Events with guest speakers on various topics that promote empowerment and connection
  • A supportive environment
  • Many of our services are available online and in person

We help you to:

  • Feel healthier in body and mind
  • Grow and relate in a supportive environment
  • Have renewed energy
  • Gain confidence
  • Be present in a space to nurture creativity and purpose
  • Feel empowered
  • Find connections to be your best self

Our Services:

Grief and Bereavement support



ADD & ADHD strategies


Disordered Eating

Family Relationships & Life Transitions

Abuse, Trauma & Loss

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Maternal Mental Health

Self-Esteem, Body Image

Our goal is to help you to live a balanced life. We hope to see you soon.

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114 Talbot St. S   Essex, ON   N8M 1B2